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PD (Pupillary Distance)

The PD is often called the 'Pupillary Distance, or more correctly, the 'Inter-Pupillary Distance'. It is the distance between the centres of the 2 pupils, whilst looking straight ahead into the distance.


TAKE A PICTURE OF YOURSELF (OR ASK SOMEBODY TO TAKE IT FOR YOU) LOOKING INTO THE DISTANCE, WITH A CREDIT CARD SIZED TARGET RESTED ON YOUR FOREHEAD ( IF YOU USE A CREDIT CARD MAKE SURE THE DETAILS ARE NOT VISIBLE ). ALL THE CARDS ARE THE SAME SIZE SO WE CAN EASILY OBTAIN YOUR PD. We also use this method to measure Varifocal fitting details. We will send the frame to you and you simply take a couple of images and send them to us. This is an extremely accurate way of fitting lenses, in fact a lot of Quality High St outlets use the same technique in practice. E-mail the picture to us along with your order number. We will read off your PD for you and any multifocal measurements if required.